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Advertise With Us!

PFP Daily™ is a daily source of #NFT entertainment in a space filled with serious news, serious commentary, serious interviews, and serious people. Readers from all over the world 'tune-in' to read our comics "PFP Daily™", "Doc's World™", and "McCattos™".


Our mission has always been to entertain first, educate second. That's why PFP Daily™ is growing so quickly! We reach people who aren't in the space yet by giving them a reason to laugh, a reason to think, and a reason to question.


There are more people outside the NFT space than are in it - by a factor of hundreds of millions. It only makes sense to reach those people also.




Opportunities are abundant!


  • Primary Title Sponsorship
  • Advertisements
  • Product Placement
  • Season Presenting Sponsor
  • Special Event Sponsor
  • TV Commercials
  • Product Packaging


Download our Media Kit (right click, save link as)


Here's How It Works: You pay us 4x the MINT price of your drop in $ETH. (or if direct drop to OpenSea, average floor price)


For example, your MINT price is .04E, you pay us .16E


  • We use 1/3 to MINT your project in a FAIR mint (we don't take drops! - what we get, we get, and we USE!),
  • 1/3 is used for the gas it takes to mint (help us Gas gurus!),
  • and keep 1/3 + - for 'operational expenses'.
  • And, if you want to advertise longer (like for a few months), it's only .3E more per month - and we're guessing your project is worth it and you'll make that back in no time.
  • First come, first served - but 'charity focused' projects get special review.
  • IF you are a 'meme' Token project with a 'lead character', email us - higher rates will apply, but we are happy to consider!
  • AND KEEP IN MIND: If you're in the comic, you're in the comic! (that means potentially for years! Think of it like ongoing 'product placement' - and YES, 'actual' products and 1/1's can be product placed - get in touch as costs vary)


We will use your PFP in no less than 2 panels after mint and will not sell or list our mint for 3 months after drop! (If at all! Which means added exposure and respect for the floor price!)

As usual, no sexually explicit, drugs, abusive etc etc projects will be accepted and you create the actual ad and send it to us (we'll supply details in the email reply).




Sound good?


Send us an email about your project: NFTCreativeGroup@Gmail.com

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