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August 2021 - Pilot Episode - "WATER"

pfp daily - bone misfit get a dog
pfp daily - bone misfit get a dog2
bone misfit get a dog3
pfp daily - bone misfit get a dog4
pfp daily - Doc Arrives
pfp daily - Dehydrated
pfp daily - We played frisbee
pfp daily - we really need a dog
9 Oh thats funny
10 whats so funny
pfp daily - find some water
PFP Daily - open my eyes
caesar your excellency 13
have you seen satan 14
hey satan there you are 15
anger issues - PFP Daily
17 how did you get spike 17
forgot the boyfriend - PFP Daily
do you drink water - PFP Daily
that sounds awful - PFP Daily
21 fresh pretzels 21
food court - PFP Daily
you dont have to tell me - PFP Daily
ill drop it - PFP Daily
we brought water - PFP Daily
Spike speaks - PFP Daily

The End.

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