Evolving Languages (Even In The NFT Space)

Network effects. Remember that saying? It was definitely a 2.0 thing to say. Especially back in the days when MySpace lit the world on fire with 500,000,000 users. Everyone was talking about network affects and how they would change the world. And in large measure, they did.

Social networking, social media, likes, shares, DM’s, IM’s – all 2.0.

It seems every time something ‘new’ comes along, a new language also comes along to represent what people want to say.

In the 3.0 era, that of the blockchain and specifically NFT’s, it’s happened again.

Popular words and phrases pop up all the time:

  • APE – as in, “to ape into a project”.
  • WEN – as in, “When Lambo?”
  • gm – as in, “Good morning!”
  • SHILL – as in, “to constantly push a project to others”.

These are just a few. New one’s are being created every day.

Language and how we communicate has always interested me, and part of the reason is, it evolves.

Take gm/gn – Before text people would say “good morning” and “good night”. Now they don’t have to. There are probably more than a few individuals that don’t even know how to spell them. (Sadly, that’s not a joke)

Texting certainly changed language forever because the use of acronyms is now so popular, you could almost talk in them.

Person: “ICYMI was ROFL wen told STFU & TBH just TGIF.”

Person 2: “TL;DR”

I could post emoji’s the same way and carry on a full conversation with them as well.

But it’s the ‘new’ NFT language I love more than all the others. It’s as if each new word in the NFT language has utility (a real use).

I love it when someone APE’s into a project/PFP, and get’s so excited about it they gather another 400 followers on Twitter who all have to say “gm” to each other every day like it’s their job. It’s like the motorcycle riders who wave to each passing bike. You’re ‘in something’, and in it together.

I love when people ask ‘WAT’ instead of “what?”.

I love it when people in the NFT space shill a project and then add “NFA” – not financial advice (as if we’re all now somehow registered and licensed financial planners and advisors).

And I loved it when I heard the phrase “Eat. Sleep. Mine.” on the show Gold Rush the other day – because it reminds me of what everyone in this space does on a daily basis – EAT. SLEEP. NFT.

And that’s why I created a store around all these sayings in the 3.0 NFT world. Hope you will check it out – I promise, like the language itself in this space, it will always be evolving.

UPDATE: The response to this post was really positive, so I’ve taken some time and added an ‘official’ NFT Dictionary to EAT. SLEEP. NFT.


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