NFT Creative Group and PFP Daily Magazine Release World’s First Advertising NFT

For this first time ever (possibly, we couldn’t find another example), PFP Daily has released 70 NFT’s representing advertising space in the magazine.

PFP Daily Magazine is an online monthly magazine covering the topics of NFT’s, PFP’s, Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrency and offers news, reviews, interviews, artists spotlights, commentary, and comics. This first of it’s kind NFT represents the first issue slated to be released January 1, 2022.

“Traditional ways of selling items like magazine advertising may be coming to an end. With NFT’s, if you can imagine it, you can sell it. This is just the first step towards a larger purpose and goal.”

Essentially a three month contract on the blockchain, buyers of the NFT’s have the right to advertise in the magazine for January, February, and March. Ad units are priced on industry standards based on the projected cume (total) of readers over the course of an entire year – as once uploaded, the issues remain on the Internet. To make the NFT even more affordable, all transactions are based in Ethereum.

Interestingly, as an NFT, the buyer has the right to list their NFT for resale and potentially take advantage of the limited supply. Once again, this could never be done in the “traditional” real world of magazine publishing.

How does it work? The NFT is unlockable, meaning that the buyer receives a special web address to visit along with a password to enter. From there they are able to verify their ownership of the NFT on the blockchain and can upload their ad.

In addition, we are giving away perks to several lucky NFT owners such as:

  • Upgraded ad from 3 months to 12 months.
  • Onsite advertising for one year.
  • Swagbag of Doc’s World merch
  • Mentions / product placement in the comic strip and more.

But what happens if the NFT’s don’t sell out? Good question. By December 10th any unsold inventory will be updated for the following months. This is because all ads must be submitted by Dec. 15th in order to make publication according to the smart contract listed as part of the NFT.

The types of ads that can be bought as an NFT are more along the lines of traditional magazine ads. There is an inside cover (1), inside back cover (1), full page(7), half page top(6) and bottom(7), quarter page top left(10) and right(10), and bottom left(11) and right(11), as well as right side skyscrapers top(3) and bottom(3).

The magazine will be placed on as a flipbook and released on various channels and apps.

Owners who become advertisers in the magazine (and don’t flip the NFT) will receive an airdropped special commemorative NFT of the Magazine cover marking the first ever Advertising and true Magazine in the space.

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